Friday, 22 November 2013

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Biography - Life History and Profile

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome  Biography - Life History and Profile - Everything you should know about  Pastor Chris oyakhilome, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome  is a Ph. D holder,his Date of birth is December 7, 1961.According to his official Biography, He is the Eldest son in his family, Elder T. Oyakhilome is his father.His Marital Status :Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is married to Rev Anita Oyakhilome who is the fore-runner  and the head of the UK agency and has two female kids For his husband.

About Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ministry - He was still Ambrose Ali University,  Ekpoma in Edo State to be precise Before he got his call fom God to go into the ministry and be a servant of the lord. That was when  he came up with Believers Loveworld Fellowship, which has become Believers Loveworld Inc’ has Millions of members and associates around the world and it's one of the biggest ministry in the world today.

Some couples of years ago, his regular program Atmosphere For Miracle, was banned on TV under Christian Association Of Nigeria the Leadership led by Ayo Oritsejafor of The word of life Bible Church in Warri but was unable to have any bad effect on his gospel life because that was his destiny.

He also promote the setting up of the Inner City Mission of Christ Embassy, a ministry to children living in the inner cities of our world, to give them a hope and a future to hope on.

Yes! he was being faced with so many problems initially like persecutions and accusations as the Lord has prophesied to us that those who distribute  the  word of the lord will get persecuted but should not be afriad because he is always with them in the times of troubles. 
So many of them  have called his miracles and teachings fake and baseless. But he gets stronger as each day passes by and the miracles keep coming in full force, a proof of the power and employed of the Spirit of God.
His good work has led to healing of many that were sick,he is known for his amazing healing of leprosy, barreness,cripples walk when he lays is hands on them.


  1. why he is not appear in Etv im south African my inspiration from pastor chris is televion

  2. I love pastor, he healed me when I was sick,

  3. Rev.Dr. Chris is my mentor in Jesus name

  4. Rev.Dr. Chris is my mentor in Jesus name

  5. Every day and time, morning afternoon and evening I like and love to listen to His prophetic and wisdom filled WORD.
    I'm praying to get DOUBLE portion of his anointing - as Elisha said to Elijah. Amen.

  6. I love Pastor Chris He is a great teacher of the word of God